How to setup custom domain

With, you can use private domain to generate your short url links. Most of the custom domain on our site looks like this, here is an example:, If you use the custom domain features, your customization will look like this,

This feature is possible beacuse youhave created a CNAME record in your domain that allows our server to white label your domain. 

If you have a custom domain name that you want to use with our service, you can associate it to your account very easily. Once added, we will add the domain to your account and set it as the default domain name for your URLs. DNS changes could take up to 36 hours.

To point your subdomain name, create a CNAME record and set the value to the domainassigned to your account.

To point your domain name, create an A record and set the value to OUR SERVER, please find the IP addres you are to point to in your account.